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3 Think That “You are the Alien”


3 - You are the AlienI’m really digging this “song a month” thing that Woodstock, NY’s not-quite-metal-but-SO-METAL prog masters 3 are doing right now. Instead of trotting out the hype machine two months in advance of an album’s planned release date, revving up the press, producing lyric videos, assaulting social media, etc, etc, etc — all working towards that vaunted, chart-smashing first week sales number — we get new songs at a leisurely pace, when it feels right, just when you’ve almost forgotten the band is in the process of releasing new music. Each one has ample time to sink into your cranium and become lodged in your subconscious.

We really liked April’s inaugural song-release “Sugarlife,” and we feel the same way about “You are the Alien,” which came out yesterday and serves as May’s song of choice. I’m not sure what 3’s plan is vis-a-vis eventually compiling all these songs into one album release, physical or not, but to get caught up in that would, I think, be missing the point. Live in the moment, maaaaaaan! Download and stream the new track below:

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