Green Eggs and Slam



When it comes to guttural slamming brutality, crushing slamz, and unrelenting pitt riffment, nobody does it better than San Diego’s CEPHALOTRIPSY. Their album still stands as far and away the best slam metal recording ever released, but they’ve been pretty quiet since then, only releasing two new demo songs. I kind of thought they were a one-and-done band, but I’m happy to say I was wrong. That’s right culeros, CEPHALOTRIPSY IS BACK!!!


New studio song — every bit as brutal and unforgiving as I could have hoped for, but just a tiny bit more progressive than their old stuff (in a non-pussy way, though). Oh and DAT SNARE!!

“Cephalotripsy- new song live in compton” might be the best video title of all time. Slam that sickness, 310 style!

Awkward promo vid for their fall Ukraine tour. It reminds me of when they have a shot of a celebrity at the UFC, and the camera lingers on them way, way too long and The Rock or Jason Statham is just standing there, smiling awkwardly at the camera like “OK, fuck off now.”

Hit these fools up on Facebook, and stay tuned for their second album in 2012. U MOSHING???

-Sergeant D.

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