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Question Of The Week: People = Shirt

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Banner by Cysquatch

Hey MetalSucks readers! A couple Fridays ago, we asked you to submit your very own suggestions for the MetalSucks Question Of The Week. We saw great ideas in the comments section, on our facebook, and on the twitter thingy. Those will be turned around into their own QOTWs and their authors shall beam with pride of a job well done. And as for the rest, well, many submissions were questions we’ve already asked! But don’t give up, good people who didn’t scroll through archives or do a search, cuz you may submit a QOTW whenever. Don’t be shy! (Go here or here or email Anso at MetalSucks dot net)

And now today’s QOTW, as submitted by Annabel R. in Denver. It’s about the indomitable bonds between metal fan and metal shirt. Good job dude! 


Above any other, what metal shirt of yours do you love most?

Include an image with your reply, thanks! Have an awesome wknd


Grim Kim qotwGRIM KIM
It’s hard to pick a favorite since I’ve got so fucking many of them, but I guess I’ll go with my Nunslaughter shirt. The front is emblazoned with a lovely white print of a rotting zombie nun holding an inverted crucifix, and I’ve cut it up and pinned it so it fits like a glove. I got it at a warehouse show in Philly when I was still in college, and have kept it in constant rotation ever since.

Grim Kim Nunslaughter shirt


Andy O'Connor qotw2ANDY O’CONNOR
For a dude like me who says “RIP Dimebag” and “RIP DJ Screw” in the same breath, this Power Trip shirt is perfect. Purple drank? The Kool-Aid Man? JuIcy J references? I’ve only had it for a little over a year, but it triumphs above all. Texas represent.

Power Trip shirt


Anso DF qotwANSO DF
I remember gathering the older kids and peppering them with questions: Why in the middle of this anemic summer carnival is there a stand that sells concert shirts? Uh-huh, and what do you mean by “boot legging”? Oh I see, that sounds super-shady, but whoa now is that a Whitesnake Slip Of The Tongue shirt? There, the white one in the top right corner between Motley Crue and Skid Row? Yes yes, I thought so, there’s Steve Vai and everything! How much? Here take it all/laterz!

Whitesnake Slip Of The Tongue shirt


My Slayer ‘South of Heaven’ t-shirt. It’s the one with the album cover obscuring the band logo on the front, and the white logo on the back. I wore that motherfucker until I started developing armored plates in the armpits from sweating into it so many times, so I cut the sleeves off. It began slowly disintegrating after that. Then, after Jeff died, I cut out the front graphic and sewed it into the inside of my battle jacket (I was already rocking the Haunting The Chapel logo from my decrepit old Slayer hoodie as a back patch). I love that jacket–Slayer memories, all over.

Slayer South Of Heaven shirt


Vince Neilstein qotwVINCE NEILSTEIN
The Warrant shirt that some schmo bought on me on ebay for way too much money.

jasoneilstein Warrant


Leyla Ford qotwLEYLA FORD
My Iron Maiden Best of the Beast B-Sides t-shirt. Its size is guys’ small but it’s a bootleg, so it’s way too short for a normal guy. But for me? Perfect. Sits right at my hips and the sleeves aren’t down to my elbows, no DIY chopping needed. The colors and print are fucking amazing and I’ve always wanted Eddie’s ass on a shirt flipping off everyone; when I saw it in a back alley store in Istanbul, I practically snatched it from the clerk’s hands. I rarely wear it because I’m scared that washing will ruin it. (Let’s face it, bootleg shirts are great until they implode in the washer and bleed all over the other clothes, ruining everything forever. Not that that’s happened before…) I went back to that store, it’s closed — I can’t even get a back-up shirt. So it lives in a cedar-lined drawer (fuck you moths!) and comes out for special occasions.

iron maiden bsides


David Lee Rothmund 100DAVID LEE ROTHMUND
Definitely love rocking my Mastodon shirt (everybody loves the cover art for The Hunter, even people who couldn’t give two fucks about metal). But most metal shirts with all the guts and crazy lettering and other shit are way too busy for me. They’re good for shows, but other than that, I stick with plain and simple. Black shirt, simple lettering on the front: “Rammstein“. Just the name alone commands respect, no flowery decorations needed!

Rammstein shirt


Sammy O Hagar qotwSAMMY O’HAGAR
I try not to let metal get in the way of, you know, being an adult. The allure of turning heads with a Cephalotripsy shirt in Stop ‘n’ Shop faded when I turned 19. But when I saw Soilent Green in 2005, they hadn’t toured in a while, so seeing them warranted a commemorative shirt. I don’t remember if they had straightforward designs, but the one I wound up grabbing was too awesome to pass up: a naked angel with her mouth and eyes stitched shut in front of a pile of skulls. It wasn’t so much what was being depicted (though really, isn’t that what we all want in a woman? No? Alright.) but the image itself. It was done in a faux-biker art style; it’s reminiscent of the kind of stuff on Affliction shirts, where for a second you think, “Wow, that brodouche likes nasty old biker metal?” before you realize what it is. I wore the hell out of that thing. It became my go-to show shirt. And because I loved the shirt so much myself, I forgot that normals may find it somewhat unsettling. I made the mistake of wearing it at my parents’ house once, garnering nervous gasping and eye rolls. It’s since been shifted out of my shirt rotation, but unlike my other old band shirts, I haven’t cycled it into my running/workout gear. Hell, I’ve even left the sleeves on it. It’s held up well despite it being soaked by Cephalic Carnage crowd sweat and enduring dozens of nights passed out on some friend’s floor. I suppose I could add it back into my regular wear. Maybe a 14 year old girl wearing a Chris Brown shirt in Target could look at me cocked-eyed; I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that what I’m wearing is waaaay less offensive.

Soilent Green shirt


Kellhammer qotwKELLHAMMER
Definitely my Wolvhammer shirt. It was printed on a favorite black shirt of mine, so it fits perfectly. Plus, it was a gift from a friend, so there’s really no competing!

wolvhammer shirt


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