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You guys continue to impress me with the caliber of unsigned talent out there in the world. Keep it coming!

In this edition of Unsigned and Unholy we’ll look at ESM, Karhu and Ninjaspy, three of the most talented bands to hit my inbox in recent weeks.

  • ESM: U&U all-star Tristan Zemtseff of Dead on Both Shoulders fame is back with something completely different but no less awesome. Think Portal, old Morbid Angel, and all things generally brutal and crushing. Awesome songs, awesome production, awesome listening… this guy’s talents know no bounds.
  • Karhu: Imagine the galloping, groove-based foundation of Lamb of God mixed with the shred/technicality of Dream Theater (minus James LaBrie) and you’ll have a close approximation of what Karhu sound like. Stream their new EP Inject the Infection at their Bandcamp page. The songs are what make Karhu worth your while; these dudes know their way around a great guitar hook.
  • Ninjaspy: Any band who lists ska as an influence is likely to attract plenty of venom spit their way before said venom spitters even hear a note of their music. The Vancouver-based trio Ninjaspy have made a name for themselves over the past few years, though, and it’s easy to see why: they’re really good. You’re not going to want to break out your zoot suit and saddle shoes and suddenly start skanking when you hear their new song “SKAINGKH,” which is sufficiently heavy, but you can hear the ska influence in the way the groove manifests itself in the rhythm section. A band like this could easily come off as kitschy or gimmicky, but Ninjaspy thankfully do not. Listen:
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