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So Bring Me the Horizon, a very mediocre band that a lot of you seem to love for reasons that are beyond me, played in Salt Lake City last night — home of Mormonism and, thus, sodomy — and some of the folks in the crowd started heckling the group and throwing shit at them. Needless to say, vocalist Oli Sykes did not appreciate this behavior, and said as much, which, in turn, a bunch of the hecklers used as an excuse to rush the stage and attack the singer. You can watch video of the incident below.

Now, as much as I dislike this band, I absolutely 110% do NOT approve of violence against the untalented (and I know I’ve joked that I do, but I trust you guys to be at least semi-intelligent enough not to take me seriously), and this particular incident is a little too reminiscent of the Dimebag shooting for my tastes. (Obviously less extreme, but we live in a world where, mercifully, fans are allowed to jump on-stage for the purposes of stage diving; it would really suck if artists everywhere felt like they had to fear for their safety every time someone did this.) And I hate it when people throw shit at the performers, too. I mean, there are much wittier, safer ways to show one’s disapproval for the band; one year at Ozzfest, for example, I saw an entire crowd turn their back to Wicked Wisdom during that group’s set, which a) effectively sent the message “we think you are terrible,” and b) was fucking hilarious. So I’m glad to report that Sykes was apparently unharmed, and the band returned to the stage thirty minutes later to finish their set for the people in the crowd who did appreciate their performance.

So, no joke — do not do this. Turn your back to the band, flip them the bird, start a snarky blog where you call people mean names… just keep your hands to yourself. Violence never made anyone seem clever or correct.


[via The PRP]

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