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The Inaugural Metal Suckfest is almost here!!!! Twenty bands will DESTROY The Gramercy Theatre on November 4 and 5, PLUS there’s an awesome, five-band pre-party at the venue the night before, making this THE can’t-miss hang of the year.

Tickets are on sale now right here, and you can hit up the fest’s official website for more info on the shows, including the complete line-up. In the meantime, we’re counting down to this weekend of chaos and debauchery by speaking to one member from each band on the bill. We continue today with bassist David Grossman of Rosetta, whose recently released a new split with Junius via Translation Loss.

Read our chat after the jump. And don’t forget to check back in the coming days and weeks for interviews with more of the musicians participating in this awesome event!!!

What other festivals have you played before, if any?

In the past we’ve played Emissions from the Monolith, Macrock, Fluff Fest, and Rock im Ring.

What was your best and worst festival experience (as a performer, not as a fan)? You don’t have to name the specific fest if you don’t want, we’re not trying to get you to burn bridges.

Fluff Fest was the best experience we had without a doubt. The whole vibe of the fest was very positive. I have no idea how many people we played in front of, but it was a lot and everyone seemed really into. The worst involved being prevented access to our van because of a lame band needing their secret identities. Supposedly our van was also in the way of their tour bus, so a security guard also attempted to break into our van and move it — or so they claimed.

Any tips to fans for having the best possible festival experience?

Pace yourself with the drinking. Being wasted by noon means you’ll either be passed out or won’t remember the later bands.

For people who are too stupid to read the poster, which day is your band playing Suckfest?

We are playing on Day 2, Saturday, November 5th.

Can you tell us anything about the set your band is planning for Suckfest?

We are the laziest band in the world when it comes to planning out our sets. We’ll probably decide what songs we’re going to play ten minutes before we play, like we always do.

Which band or bands (besides your own, duh) are you most stoked are gonna be at Suckfest?

Fight Amp and Ramming Speed ,without a doubt. Great bands, great dudes, good times.

When you were first contacted about appearing at something called “Suckfest,” were you at all concerned that you were being propositioned to appear in a porno movie?

I actually thought and was hoping it was going to be a music video for a new R. Kelly song.

Is it awesome or weird that Axl Rosenberg’s parents are coming to Suckfest?

Awesome! Hopefully they’ll be into it.

On a scale of one to ten, one being a freshly douched vagina and ten being your balls at the end of a performance, how badly will the Gramercy Theater reek of B.O. by the end Suckfest?

Oh man, anything less than a ten would be a letdown.

Finally, how bad is Suckfest gonna suck?

It’s going to be as good as that R. Kelly song, “Pregnant.”

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