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Last week we tipped you off to a striking similarity between the intros of Mastodon’s Hunter track “Creature Lives” and the Steve Miller Band’s classic “Threshold / Jet Airliner.” Coincidence? Intentional nod to a personal favorite of one or more of the Mastodudes? Until the next time we speak with a member of Mastodon we can only speculate, which could take a while seeing as we just spoke with guitarist Bill Kelliher.

But what is the Internet for if not useless and reckless speculation? Especially with Mastodon, a band whose ambitious progsterpieces are the source of endless Internet rambling and LOST-ish conspiracy theories; they’re the Pink Floyd, or better yet the Tool, of this era.

To that end, MS reader Ryan H. has unearthed another sound-alike — again with song intros — this time between The Hunter‘s “Dry Bone Valley” and Metallica’s “Damage, Inc.” Metallica’s intro is a whole lot longer, but Ryan H. is right on the money that these two intros sound alike. It could be that both bands just decided to create eery swell-like sound effects with EBows or whatever, but it could also be… so much more! I’m pretty sure if you play both songs backwards and sync them up with one another that there’s some kind of secret message to be decoded that simultaneously unlocks all the secrets of the universe and bestows upon us a map to a hidden Dharma Initiative station. What do you think???


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