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Valient Thorr MetalSucks - You Know What I'm Talkin' About?

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night.”

My thoughts kept racing back and forth about what is happening in our country right now just underneath our noses.  SO CLOSE!  It’s so close!  It’s the same kind of close as when someone has stepped in dogshit and they walk into the room, and you kind of catch a whiff of it.  Enough of a whiff that you walk off into a corner and check the bottom of your shoe to make sure it’s not you.  THAT’s how close this happening is. Or THESE happenings are. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to so many different cities that it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s happening. I couldn’t sleep because this is something I’ve been dreaming about for a number of years. This is the beginning — NOT of a revolution (because revolutions just REVOLVE around and end up in the same place) but an EVOLUTION in our thought processes (taking us to a higher state of thought).

This gigantic hivemind group has come together despite their differences.  Despite the things that politicians would use against us to pull us apart.  They always pit the American people against each other.  Left or right.  Liberal or Conservative.  Black or white.  Rich or poor.  Gay or straight.  None of that shit matters.  That is the significance of the idea of the 99%.  There has been an unbalance in this country for too long.  The network or cable news wouldn’t let you in on this stuff.  It’s not them who’s out there protesting.  AND their paychecks come from those same people who’ve bought our government.  It took so goddamn long for something like this to happen.  And you know why?  Of course you do.  If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be wasting your time on the internet reading something that some rocknroll singer wrote.  There is about 1% in this country that have the bread to buy those in charge, reaping the benefits and the rewards of all of your hard work.  It’s the reason that most people give up voting.  They think, “Well, these candidates are all bought.  What does it matter?  What good will my vote do when in the end if either way it goes we’re all fucked?”

Well, the people out there in the street have had enough.  It only took fifteen years and about 5 wars.  That’s just since Bosnia.  Think of all the dollars and bullets.  Think of all the dead.  Think of all the homeless and hungry.  Now think of some of these corporations and their pet politicians who’d rather forget those homeless people existed than pay the same percentage of their pay that everyone else pays — to feed the hungry, build the roads they drive on, and on and on and on.  I want to stay focused here.  This much pent up aggression can cause you to ramble on and on and on…

Have you been fucked over by banks, or insurance, or laid off because of some ridiculous reason, or promised something that they now decided that you’re not gonna get?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t see it this same way.  It seems like we are all on the same page.  Except for those who are blind to injustice.  Those who are well-off enough to not have to deal with the everyday common struggles that people who make under $20,000 a year deal with.  Or try $12,000 a year.

I know not everyone can drive to a major city and lay down in the middle of the street for what you believe in.  BUT I’D ASK YOU TO AT LEAST CONSIDER IT.  If the shit goes down… what will you do?  If they pull another Kent State… what will you do?  What do they have to do to you to get you to pay attention?

Here are some things that I think we can do to help:

VOTE LOCALLY:  Your community is what matters the most.  Take an active role.  Get the kooks out of there.  Stand up for what you believe in.  The presidential election isn’t the election that is going to affect you the most; it’s the elections that happen in your towns and in your state.  Just because the news doesn’t say so doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of a majority.  There are more of us than there are of them.  I’m talking about real people.  The people who don’t have 401k’s, the people who have no idea how to use the fucking stock market.  If you can’t make it work, get the fuck outta there.  Mark it off the map.  Don’t be scared to make a move.

SHOP LOCALLY:  When you’re out and about, and you actually have some bread, spend it at mom and pop stores.  Steer clear of the Walmarts and even the CVS’s.  Go to the farmer’s market and buy food that is from less than 60 miles away.  Support local farmers and restaurants.  When you see a McDonald’s or a Burger King, and you know for you it’s morally wrong to eat there, but you still love convenience and the occasional dose of things that are bad for you, think of it as more than just “I don’t eat there because its bad for me,” think of it as “I don’t eat there because its bad for EVERYONE.  Spread your money around in YOUR community.  Do research on places you go, products you buy, and businesses that you are a patron of.  If you find out some heavy shit, call them out on it — in real life, not on YELP.

GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF BIG BANKS:  I am personally searching for a small local bank or some type of credit union to store what little bit of capital I have.  I don’t want to support these giant corpo banks anymore. These banks like Citibank, tricking kids into signing their lives away on a loan for college that they’ll never be able to pay back, or Bank of America charging you to HAVE an account and now charging you to USE the account.  I encourage you all to take your money away from them.  They get paid so much, my measly bit of bread taken from their plate won’t matter much, but if enough of us take action, they won’t be pulling some of these crazy extravagant vacations / outlandish raises / etc. etc. etc.  No need for examples, you guys know how to use search engines.  Look them up. These greedy motherfuckers are about to get theirs.

FOLLOW ALT NEWS ORGS ON TWITTER:  I know millions of you are on Twitter, and I know millions of you have no idea how to use it.  If you are not on it, and you depend solely on CNN, Fox, MSNBC or the like, then you are out of touch.  If you want real news, from the source, and from the people, there are thousands of organizations to follow… Again literally thousands — from low budge bloggers to pro journalists to man on the street, get your news before the news gets the news here.

SEND HELP IF YOU CAN:  If you can’t personally go yourself but you are moved by the actions of those who choose to stand out in the streets, send them some help.  Whether its support via explaining to your neighbors how significant this all is, or monetarily by sending them pizza or clothes or care packages.  There are many different webposts on how to do these things.  Again: use a search engine. Send food to OWS.  It’s not that hard to help.  And if you’re feeling particularly generous, donate to local shelters in your town while you’re at it.  Hell, donate your kidney if you feel inclined.  Trust me, it feels really good to help others.

We live in a country where the news tells us about how much money the politicians are raising like whoever raises the most cash is the most worthy of our votes.  Where the fuck did that come from?  Why should we care about that?  Why don’t they use that money to feed some people who need and deserve it?  I’m not talking about handouts.  The people out there protesting have lost their jobs or have lost their ability to strike.   But they said fuck it.  We’re gonna do it anyway.

Real change is staring you in the face.

This IS what happened in the 60s.  People saw corruption for what it was, and decided they weren’t going to let it stand.  No matter who we vote for, the money that changes hands between the corporations and the goddamned lobbyists before any policy or any thought about making any change on/or about anyTHING could yield enough to feed thousands.  These lobbyists make so much money greasing handshakes that they have to come up with ridiculous legitimate scams to write it all off.  Who do you think runs the ART WORLD???

I’m gonna wrap up these thoughts here with some things for you to toss around in your heads.  There are literally hundreds of different posts that are spread around facebook and twitter that each blow me away with the staggering facts that show the unbalance, the unfairness, and the ridiculousness of it all.   If one sounds interesting to you, READ IT!  Educate yourselves!  Take the time to read these things rather than passing around funny pictures to each other!  I definitely lean as far away from the crazy shit I hear coming from the conservatives’ mouths on a daily basis.  But this isn’t a party issue.  This affects us all.  I don’t want you to be confused out there.  This is a movement of the people.  This is the time for you to stand up if you’re tired of having to lie down.  This is the time to go to meetings in the community.  This is the time to voice your opinions and not to wait around for someone else to do it for you.  The forum is there.  The people are listening.  We need you.  Get involved in one of the Occupy movements.  I know they’d rather stick together and not splinter off, but let’s be honest:  anything will help.  No matter who you are helping, as long as you are helping in some way, go for it.

Now is the time

Take your money away from them

Think about the future

Think about the world

Think about someone other than yourself

If you do all you can for others, you will be taken care of when it comes your time.

THAT’S what this is all about.

Don’t sit around with a smile on your face eating spoonfuls of their bullshit.

Wake up and look around.  Seriously, this isn’t a call to arms, this is a hey- hey-


I implore you:  Don’t sit there idle.  Look around and see what’s happening before it’s too late.


Thank you and be safe.


Valient Himself


PS: Here’s a really great article to get you started on educating yourself.  It’s one guy’s essay and idea on how we should seek an amendment to separate corporations and state just like the separation of church and state.  Very interesting read:  See?  One guy can make a difference!!

Thanks again!

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