My heart lept with excitement when I recently visited Sergeant D.’s Stuff You Will Hate and saw the headline “THERE IS A BAND CALLED VERB THE NOUN!” The term “verb the noun band” is one with which any regular MetalSucks reader should already be familiar; my immediate assumption was the the Sarge had discovered a satirical group whose music made fun of such bands. Apparently that was Sergeant D.’s hope, too, as he writes: “Initially I assumed that they were a lulzy parody band whose premise was adopting all the genre’s obvious cliches and exaggerating them to the point of awesomeness.” And their song titles, like “Gary Busey Hairline” and “Throwing Bricks at Your Mouth,” would certainly suggest this to be the band’s goal.

Alas, this is not actually the case. The band Verb the Noun‘s music is, as Mr. D. puts it, “horrible, horrible indie/college rock, like some dreadful band who would play a high school battle of the bands and play a Dinosaur Jr cover.” So that’s majorly disappointing.

Oh, well. Read the rest of Sergeant D.’s post here. In fact, just go ahead and add Stuff You Will Hate to your RSS feed, ’cause that shit is never anything less than priceless.

In other crappy news, I was searching for YouTube video of Verb the Noun, and while I couldn’t find any, I did find this OTHER totally terrible band, We Own the Sky, who have a song called “Verb the Noun.” Somehow, this song is not only unlistenable, but is ALSO not at all satirical. So, like… what the fuck, dudes?


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