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I know we’re already beating this Lulu thing to death, but, I mean, c’mon — it is just SO AMAZING that Metallica have somehow figured out a way to disappoint the fans yet AGAIN, and have possibly even outdone the debacle that was St. Anger. Seriously, this thing is so hilariously awful somewhere in the world right now, Axel Rudi Pell and the dudes from Morbid Angel are on their knees, thanking the good Lord for finally taking the heat off of them.

And now comes the silver lining of Lulu — namely, the parodies and memes. NPR helpfully points the way towards those which have already been released. First up are some fake pre-production demos by a YouTube user named gr8080. gr8080’s version of “Little Dog” was made utilizing nothing more than a knowledge of the song title and running time (for maximum troll power!), and it’s hilarious (I especially appreciate all the howling. Except that gr8080 had no way of knowing that he (I think it’s a he) was creating something that was actually far more melodic than the actual “Little Dog,” which, like all of Lulu, is just a total fucking mess. “Little Dog” also happens to be one of the most boring songs on Lulu, so gr8080 has Loutallica beat in the energy department, too.

I’m also very fond of gr8080’s version of “Brandenburg Gate,” which melds lots of silly German stuff together (Kraftwerk-style avant-electronica, the entire language, etc.) in the name of comedy gold:

You can listen to more of these “demos” right here.

Meanwhile, music writer Ned Raggett has corralled the users of to create not one but TWO ILX Pre-Covers LULU compilations, both of which are tribute albums to Lulu despite the fact, at the time of the comps’ creations, none of its participants had heard an actual note of that monstrosity. Like gr8080’s demos, these were created simply based on song titles and known running times for each track. You can check out the totally rad results below. These folks get extra props for taking a cheap shot at the Use Your Illusion albums, too.

ILX Pre-Covers LULU I by ILXprecoversLULUI ILX Pre-Covers LULU II by ILXprecoversLULUII


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