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Longtime MetalSucks readers already know that we are absolutely OBSESSED with Lake Bukkake, the NYC underground pornogrind outfit who emerged with a bang* in the mid-90s and disappeared just as suddenly in 2001 because, we quote, “Of 9/11, and also the lack of really good pussy in this town.” There have been rumors for years that the band was working on a new album — their first since 1999’s I Left My Heart in Lake Bukkake — entitled Chinese Bukkakacy. And we’ve been trying to track them down FOREVER to beg them for an interview, a preview of the new record, whatever. But to no avail.

Well, all that has changed. After months and months and months of negotiations — and by “negotiations,” we mean “us pestering and begging them constantly” — the group has FINALLY agreed to emerge from their shell to play the opening set on Day 1 of The Metal Suckfest, one week from today, Friday, November 4. The band will play both I Left My Heart… and 1996’s Shut Up it’s Good for Your Complexion¬†in their entirety. (The combined running time of both albums is less than fifteen minutes.) They also PROMISED us to debut at LEAST two songs from Chinese Bukkakacy, which they have, indeed, been working on for awhile (although apparently it may not be called that anymore — “The idea seemed pretty funny in 2006, not so much anymore,” the band told us by e-mail).

This performance alone suddenly makes The Metal Suckfest just that much more exciting, and we will be there, right up front, moshing our brains out for it. We hope you join us. Buy tickets for this very special event here.

-Axl & Vince

*Almost literally — their now-legendary first show at the now-defunct Wetlands was abruptly shut down when then-bassist, a shemale known only as “Jizzis Joplin” (who, alas, died of an O.D. a year later), rubbed one out on-stage, blowing his/her load in the direction of the audience.

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