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Just the other day I was thinking to myself, “Gee, what ever happened to Peter Dolving’s MySpace blogs? Obviously MySpace isn’t a thing anymore, but I can’t imagine that means Dolving has any less to say.” I always enjoyed reading The Haunted frontman’s rants; they were funny, honest, well-articulated, and best of all got the entirety of the metal Interhole in a fucking rage. Well, today I have my answer to my question; he’s baaaaack! On Facebook, natch. And the beef is most certainly still simmering on the open fire.

The latest Dolving controversy involves Watain, specifically that he isn’t too fond of his fellow Swedes. Here’s the FB status update that got it all going:

So, um Waitan from Schmockholm… They’re a an overrated band, and probably need their asses kicked, you know like generally speaking. Agree? Disagree?

And things pretty much exploded from there! A follow-up comment after several readers responded:

They’re like, you know, little eek-poo skinny speed-snorters with a terrible attitude, I’m trying to find out as much dirt and good as I can to form some kind of opinion on em. They seem to think flashing the “Sieg Heil” arm is great fun, but hey in the right context it can be humourous i suppose.

And then the motherlode:

I’m just confused by these dudes. I can’t get my head around the amazing stupidity involved. I mean they really try hard to be or at least aspire for some kind of evilness. Right? Why then are they farting around with guitars, spurting a bit o blood and screaming? I mean they should be getting a business and a law-degree, cut their hair, build some clout daytrading and start doing some real damage, right? Not shouting “Hail Satan!” before they get up to play some rock n roll. I don’t get it.

Now, for the record, I happen to dig Watain’s music, and I know that I’m not alone in the MS Mansion in feeling that way. But Dolving’s comment with regards to evilness and getting business or law degrees is just too funny for words, and, frankly, 100% on point in the context of how seriously Watain take themselves. I get what he’s saying, and he’s not wrong; the “shock” value of blood and screaming in metal has definitely worn off, probably years ago already, and the whole rotting meat shtick Watain peddle is pretty silly, if admittedly kind of bad-ass too.

We anxiously await Watain’s response. In the meantime we’ll be glued to Dolving’s Facebook page for further musings on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and rotting deer carcasses. We’ll leave you with this last FB status update:

Actually, I didn’t go to bed. But I am now about to, had to send out a brief explanation and invitations 30 cool people to participate in a 2 day seminar on Sexuality, and what the hell it’s all about. It would be really cool if could pull this together sometime next year.

Sounds fun! Do tell.


Thanks: Braden Sheehan

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