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  • Axl Rosenberg

In 2006, with a little help from Sebastian Bach, Eddie Trunk actually got Axl Rose to come on his radio show for, like, hours, which is obviously a pretty major coup, given that Rose usually only grants incomprehensible e-mail interviews. And the chat was incredibly entertaining, even if Trunk didn’t ask any of the burning questions Rose refuses to answer (e.g., “So, like, what the fuck, dude?” ), ’cause he did get Rose to lighten up and tell some great stories about David Lee Roth, Jimmy Iovine, and the classic days of Guns N’ Roses. (That’s just one part of the interview above; the rest is easy to find on YouTube.)

And I guess Rose was happy with the way things went, too, ’cause over the weekend he apparently granted Trunk another really long interview, this time for Trunk’s television program, That Metal Show. And while the full episode hasn’t been released yet, Trunk did reveal over Twitter that Rose said that Duff McKagan’s Loaded featuring Duff McKagan will be opening some future GN’R shows. (Actually, Trunk just said “Loaded will open shows,” but presumably he meant GN’R shows. Either that, or he has no sense of how context works.)

Which isn’t surprising, from a certain point of view. McKagan is obviously on halfway-decent terms with Rose, seeing as he got up on stage and played with Nu-GN’R last year. And since he will presumably do so again at each and every one of these shows, it will be great exposure for both Duff McKagan’s Loaded featuring Duff McKagan and Axl’s G&R. Hell, McKagan has even performed with current Guns guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal before:

Of course, in another sense, this is really fucking weird, because Duff McKagan was a founding member of Guns N’ Roses, so he will ostensibly now be opening for his own band. Maybe he’s thinking if he spends enough time on the road with Axl, he can talk The Gingered One into a reunion of the classic Guns line-up? Or maybe he’s just being meta. Duff is so hip!!!


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