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Something cool happened a couple weeks ago when I was shown into the Steel Panther dressing room for an interview (here). I was greeted warmly by the band, and while we readied/deactivated our devices and aligned our seating, my ear identified a classic BulletBoys deep cut (above) emitting from the vicinity of lead singer Michael Starr. I kinda automatically started to sing along — I know the jam like I know my ballz — and in a blink, a surprised Starr had engaged me in fan talk about BulletBoys, which led to assorted gab about their producer Ted Templeman (Van Halen), the iTunes unavailability of 66% of their major label releases, and their mercurial frontman Marq Torien. Fun!

And so, the interview got off to a bright start. Of course, by the end of our epic talk (read it), I’d dashed that baseline respect with dense observations, fumbled follow-ups, and a stoner’s slow listening comprehension. But the sadder thing is that Starr and I won’t be splitting an 8-ball at the just-announced and totally awesome and very unexpected BulletBoys reunion show on December 30 in West Hollywood. This is huge! For just about the first time since … well, at least since the internet, the BulletBoys won’t be Torien’s solo show, but the original band — most radly, hotrod guitarist Mick Sweda (King Kobra) and big ballz drummer Jimmy D’Anda. But Starr and Steel Panther play Vegas that night, so I’ll have to pour his half of our BulletBoys blow into Sweda’s vitamin water. See you there!


Get yourself the three classic BulletBoys albums here and here and here. View Steel Panther dates here

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