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Water on Mercury

A word to would-be U&U submitters: fer chrissakes, I am not “Liking” your band on Facebook just to listen to it. Any band guilty of not checking to make sure the songs on their Facebook music page are available for public listening will be summarily ignored.

Now that that’s out of the way… we’ve got another really good batch of unsigned bands this week with Solace, Mordenom and Water on Mercury. Check ’em out after the jump.

  • Solace: On first listen I thought that “Dead Man’s Curve” — sent in by Picture It in Ruins guitarist Luke Friebel — was all religious and I got angry that such a good song was ruined by religious overtones. But then I realized that the song’s actually about some dude’s anger at someone else for being religious. I think. Anyway, the song is really fucking good — it’s like Soilwork meets Periphery – and it got stuck in my head instantly after hearing it just once. [UPDATE: MS commenters inform me this project is helmed by Karl Schubach of Misery Signals. Neat!]:

  • Mordenom: Well-executed if fairly standard death metal. Still, something about these guys just strikes me:

  • Water on Mercury: Kind of like a darkier, mooder, more atmospheric version of Scale the Summit, Water on Mercury are an instrumental band that blends artful guitar passages with pulsating, churning rhythms. The vintage Wurlitzer keyboard effects add a creepy extra dimension. Stream their entire new record Flooded on Bandcamp, or buy it for any price you like.
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