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Well, That’s One Way to Help Makes Ends Meet: Chris Barnes Appears in Commercial for Used Cars

  • Axl Rosenberg

So we all know that the music industry is not in such hot shape these days, and most musicians need to try and find ways to pay their bills that don’t involve making music. That’s why so many of the metal “stars” we all know and love also teach instrument lessons on the side, or produce or mix stuff for other bands, or tend bar, or work at the mall, or whatever. The economy is pretty shitty right now even if you’re not trying to make a living making racket about death and destruction, y’know?

And so while I am sympathetic to Chris Barnes’ plight, and I absolutely recognize his place in metal history, dear sweet Cannibal Corpse do I wish this was not real.

I mean, I guess it beats the shit out of having to do actual work to make a few extra bucks, but holy shit, I wonder if Barnes realizes that he is never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, going to live this down. Never ever ever.


[via Metal Injection]

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