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Wowee wow wow wow. A reader calling himself Geddy Lee — whom I’m reasonably certain is not the dude from Rush — just e-mailed us the above clip of Courtney Love going apeshit at this past weekend’s SWU festival in Brazil. The cause of her outbreak is that someone in the crowd was holding up a photo of Kurt Cobain, at which point Courtney pretty much loses it and says:

“I don’t need to see a picture of Kurt, asshole, and I’m gonna have you fucking removed if you keep throwing that up. I’m not Kurt. I have to live with his fucking shit and his ghost and his kid every day. Throwing that up is stupid and rude, and I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you if you do it again. Y’know what? You weren’t fucking married to him, I fucking was. You didn’t fucking get kicked out of a band by him like Dave, he did. Go see the fucking Foo Fighters and do that shit.”

Then she storms off the stage with a final flip of the bird, and then eventually she comes back and adds, “I don’t care what you listen to at home. But a guy takes money off my kid’s table… fuck him!”

Now, I have a lot of thoughts on this matter, so I’m kinda just gonna ramble here. Please accept my most humble apologies.

And so:

  1. WHY IS COURTNEY SO MAD? (Part I) Part of me understands where Courtney is coming from; if someone I loved died in such a horrible way, I probably wouldn’t want constant reminders of that person/event around. On the other hand, I don’t think you’ll ever hear, say, Vinnie Paul complain if someone holds up a Dimebag poster at a Hellyeah show; shit, he’d probably be happy about it. I assume the Cobain admirer in question was trying to honor the late musician’s memory, not disparage it, which, frankly, makes Courtney’s outburst seem all the whackier.
  2. WHY IS COURTNEY SO MAD? (Part II) How was this guy taking money off her kid’s table, anyway? Was it, like, a bootleg, unlicensed piece of merch or something? That doesn’t seem to be the source of her anger, so… yeah. I don’t get that part at all.
  3. ALSO KNOWN AS “EDDIE VEDDER’S DISEASE.”  The rant also seems kind of like a case of denythatimfamousitis, an ailment in which famous people expect to be treated just like everyone else despite the fact that they’re, y’know, famous. (In this case, the assumption is that no one would ever walk into a widow’s office and hold up a picture of her deceased husband… a scenario which overlooks the simple fact that in this case, the “office” is a concert, and the deceased husband is a legendary rock god who everyone knows, even if they didn’t actually know him.) I’m not saying that celebrities aren’t real people with real feelings who deserve respect; I’m just saying that if you are famous, you should expect for people to treat you differently than they might otherwise. It just comes with the territory.
  4. I FEEL EVEN WORSE FOR FRANCIS BEAN COBAIN THAN I ALREADY DID.  I don’t know if Courtney meant to say “I have to live with his kid every day” (emphasis mine, obviously), or if I’m completely misinterpreting what she said (entirely possible — it’s not exactly an articulate rant), or if it was like a Freudian slip or what… but it’s not a pretty sentiment. Is it possible that Francis Bean’s very Cobain-ish face is itself a source of anguish for Courtney Love? And, if so, what must it be like to grow up around a parent who feels that way about you?
  5. DID SHE JUST SAY THAT KURT COBAIN FIRED DAVE GROHL FROM NIRVANA? Her syntax isn’t great — in fact, at first I thought she was saying that Grohl fired Cobain, which really makes no sense — but that does seem to be what she said. If so, that’s news me. Is it common knowledge amonst more hardcore Nirvana fans? That’s quite a bomb to drop. In any case, Grohl doesn’t seem to bear Cobain any ill will, at least as far as I’m aware.
  6. AM I JUST WAY OVER-THINKING THIS? Courtney Love is crazy. Giving this much thought to the ramblings of a mad woman might just be a complete waste of time.

Weigh in with your thoughts below.


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