I’m gonna put about as much effort into this intro as McNulty does into not drinking.

Today’s first video comes from Anubis Gate, whose self-titled album released earlier this year rocks my world like my world hasn’t been rocked Queensryche started sucking. This video doesn’t so much rock my world, though; the off-center shots of the band members playing their instruments are kinda cool (it’s a novel idea), but I could do entirely without the shots of the singer scribbling the lyrics down on a piece of paper. It’s kinda like a lyric video, but not… and the whole angsty writing-the-lyrics-down-on-a-pad thing has been done almost as much as the band-in-a-warehouse thing. And all of a sudden there’s a party in the basement towards the end? Zuh? Narrative much? “Golden Days” is kind of an obvious choice for a single too, which I’ve got a problem with, because it doesn’t represent the generally heavier album well at all. Oh well; their loss.


Next up is Last Chance to Reason’s new video for “Prototype,” exclusively showing over at Guitar World’s website. This video was obviously shot on a tight budget and isn’t going to really wow you in the visual department, but that’s ok because it does a good job of what I believe modern-day videos should do, especially videos of prog bands: it shows plenty of shots of the dudes playing their instruments. Prog dorks like watching musicians play, I’m a prog dork, therefore I like this video. Also, nice Iron Thrones shirt, brah.

Iron Thrones video

We conclude today with the new video from “symphonic metal prodigies” Massakren. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Massakren yet; they’re an unsigned band who fit snuggly between Behemoth and Children of Bodom. A video like this one ain’t cheap to make; while it sure looks a helluva lot prettier than Last Chance to Reason’s video on the surface, the ultimate effect is basically the same, namely lots of shred shots. There might be some kind of narrative having to do with the dude in the dark field, but if there is I sure can’t tell what it is. In any case, this video does a pretty good job of showing what this band is all about and it’ll hopefully garner them some new fans. The Massakren EP will be re-released this Friday via iTunes.


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