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Devin Townsend Project - Contain Us

As the season winds down, this column continues to be shorter (and my workload easier). Just a few new things today, as well as the Devin Townsend Project box set. 2012 is going to have to really impress to match the number of awesome things we’ve seen this year…

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Abnormal Thought Patterns (CynNormal Lab)
A new instrumental project from Zero Hour guitarists Troy and Jasun Tipton created ATP in 2008. The project is a showcase for these talented musicians to really show off their chops, and judging from a few teaser clips, this is going to be a very impressive release. The band is rounded out by Zero Hour drummer Mike Guy and guitarist Richard Sharman, and this is the band’s debut EP.

Devin Townsend Project – Contain Us (InsideOut Music)
A box set containing all the parts of Townsend’s 2009-2011 musical quadrology, Contain Us presents all the work for the first time as one piece. Musically, this is an accurate representation of how diverse and excellent Devy’s musical output is, as this music deviates between many different styles and moods. Many players make appearances throughout these records, and the only unifying force is, of course, Devin Townsend and his creative and inspired different musical creations. Buy it here.

From Atlantis – Echoes and Answers EP (InVogue)
The music on this EP is interesting, I’ll say that. The band mixes a chunky metalcore base with displays of creative musicianship, some small electronic sections and many more surprises. However, the whole product isn’t really cohesive, and the music suffers for it. The parts are all there, but it doesn’t really come together. The band’s debut album is expected next year.

The Rotted – Ad Nauseum (Candlelight)
The Rotted play straight d-beat death metal with no twists or differences. While d-beat has been done a million times, this is one genre that I truly love. This record isn’t throwing anything new at fans of the genre but I appreciate it in its approach and I’ll be jamming this for awhile. This is the band’s second full-length, following 2008’s Get Dead or Die Trying.

Vildhjarta – Måsstaden (Century Media)
This Swedish band’s debut album combines a basic death metal template with some inventive and dynamic guitar work, which makes it almost djent. The songs are interspaced with more ambient and melodic pieces, which give the heavier songs more of an edge in comparison. Overall, this is a great debut album, and I look forward to more from Vildhjarta.


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