Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

  • Jeff Treppel

Metal? Metal.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

God Ends Here (Metal Blade)

Are we STILL mad at God? I can’t think of any other target that death metal has spat more bile at (except maybe women). Aeon’s fifth full length contains all the brutal blasphemy and brutal riffs we’ve come to expect from the Swedish scourge. Throw in a bunch of symphonic elements and some sort of Biblical concept and you have a recipe for… well, I’m not going to say a good time, but definitely some serious whiplash.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

Unknown Heights (The Sign)

It’s sometimes hard for stoner/psych rock acts to strike that careful balance between the different astral planes – either they ground themselves too much in the desert sands or lose themselves soaring through the dreamscape. Finland’s Craneium succeed at both modes, finding that transcendental groove while keeping the fuzz locked to catchy contained gems. While the heights they reach may not be entirely unknown, they still get there with ease.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

The Melvins
Five Legged Dog (Ipecac)

Two hours and 45 minutes of the Melvins’ greatest non-hits (and some covers) reinterpreted sure sounds like a lot, and it is, but also a more worthwhile endeavor than whenever washed-up hair metal bands do this. I’ll admit I was skeptical going in (the ugliness is a big part of their sound) but this career-spanning showcase demonstrates that their songs stand on their own, even without the fuzz and misery. It’s still a lot to take in but it’s definitely worth taking this puppy for a walk.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

The Silver
Ward of Roses (Gilead)

“Featuring members of Horrendous and Crypt Sermon” is enough to get any forward-thinking metal fan’s attention. Thankfully, the Silver’s debut is good enough to keep it. The musicians use this opportunity to get away from the sounds of their main acts, instead indulging in their love of black metal and goth. That combination allows them to infuse these songs with real emotional depth while still delivering some seriously evil riffs. This rose may be filled with thorns but don’t hesitate to grab it.

Sh*t That Comes out Today: October 15, 2021

Måsstaden Under Vatten (Century Media)

It’s been almost exactly 10 years since these Swedish djentlemen put out their previous record, and boy do they attempt to make up for it with Måsstaden Under Vatten. At 80 minutes, this is a whole hell of a lot of polyrhythmic drumming and staccato riffing – so much so that it makes it difficult for anything to stand out. There are moments of fleeting beauty and a lot of really impressive musicianship. It just kinda blends into a whole lot of crunch.


The Agonist – Days Before The World Wept EP (Napalm) Listen
Alcatrazz – V (Silver Lining) Listen
Cherubs – SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY EP (Relapse) Listen
Deviant Process – Nurture (SoM) Listen
Dug Pinnick – Joy Bomb (Rat Pak) Listen
Gemini Syndrome – 3rd Degree – The Raising (Century Media) Listen
Hate – Rugia (Metal Blade) Listen
High Desert Queen – Secrets Of The Black Moon (Ripple) Listen
Hippotraktor – Meridian (Pelagic) Listen
Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood (Fearless) Listen
Lords Of Black – Alchemy Of Souls Part II (Frontiers) Listen
Reaping Asmodeia – Darkened Infinity (Prosthetic) Listen
Twelve Foot Ninja – Vengeance (Volkanik) Listen

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