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Earlier this month, Vince wrote about Mastodon’s love of Feist, and the apparent desire of both artists to collaborate together in some way; at the time, Feist even claimed that Brent Hinds had expressed interest in covering the song “The Bad in Each Other,” from her recent album Metals, while she might cover “Oblivion,” from Mastodon’s Crack the Skye.

Well, hey, guess what? It looks like something along those lines might actually happen. During a recent interview (video above), Troy Sanders said that both artists are attempting to get together a split 7″ for the 2012 edition of Record Store Day, which takes place in April. Metal Insider has helpfully transcribed the relevant portion of the interview in case you are somehow too much of a fat ass to watch a thirty second clip:

“In support of Record [Store] Day, which we always try to be a part of and falls every April, we try to do some sort of release to support independent record stores. So the idea is for Mastodon to cover a Feist song and throw some hair and dirt on it, and they’re going to take a Mastodon song and pretty it up a little bit… We only have a short window to make that happen, which is the month of December, but we’re going to do everything we can to work with Feist and have a split 7″ in support of record stores.”

I hate that stupid fucking Feist song from all the Apple commercials (y’know, this one), but I listened to “The Bad in Each Other” on Spotify and it’s actually a pretty good song — and I could totally see Mastodon covering it and making it their own. So, yeah, I’d be curious to hear the results of this collaboration. Hopefully it will actually come to fruition.



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