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Ryan Parrish - Darkest Hour(photo credit: Phil A. Wickstrand of Metal Psalter)

Yesterday we reported on differing versions of press releases regarding ex-Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris’ new band, A Cancerous Affair; one version said that “ex-Darkest Hour drummer” Ryan Parrish was playing drums on the project while another version didn’t mention a drummer at all. Well, it turns out the former wasn’t just a slip-up: Ryan Parrish is indeed out of Darkest Hour (and will be joining his former bandmate Kris in the new project). Here’s an official statement from the band send directly to MetalSucks:

Yes it is true, Darkest Hour has parted ways with drummer Ryan Parrish. We wish him well (you will see him rocking in many projects no doubt please check them out, they will all rip!)

For now his duties have been filled by drummer Timothy Java (Dead to Fall). Tim did an amazing job on our recent European tour with Machine Head.

As for the future that’s open for discussion – no permanent decisions have been made in any way.

Live to Trash, Thrash to Live

Darkest Hour

The statement doesn’t say whether Parrish quit or was fired, or really anything about the reasons behind the split… but I guess it really doesn’t matter, does it? Parrish was a rad dude and a great drummer, and he’ll be missed. Vocalist John Henry and guitarist Mike Schleibaum are now the only remaining members from the lineup that recorded 2000’s debut full-length The Mark of the Judas.

You may remember that Aaron Deal (Salome) played bass for Darkest Hour while regular bassist Paul Burnette sat out the Summer Slaughter tour this year. Although the official word from the band was that the replacement wasn’t permanent, Deal toured with DH again during their European tour with Machine Head this fall. Which brings up something else that’s odd: how is it that no one noticed Ryan Parrish wasn’t behind the kit for the entire European tour?? If you’re European and your answer is “because they kicked ass anyway and I was too busy rocking the fuck out,” I suppose that’s acceptable!



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