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Sorry for the delay everyone! I had to awaken from my food coma over this past week. I really enjoy how America has turned every holiday into an excuse to overeat and drink. But who the hell am I to say that’s wrong? I indulged. I indulged in watching football as well. This week wasn’t as much as a shocker as last, but the AFC race is fuckin’ jacked right now to say the least. Tennessee is still in the hunt somehow, crazy.

I like the Patriots to win the No. 1 seed. Buffalo dismantled Tebow this week, but they won’t have that luck on Brady. But I still don’t see them making the Superbowl, their defense gives up way too much, just like the Packers. Here we have a case where both the would be No. 1 seeds are probably going to be knocked out. Both offenses are lethal, but if either have an off day, neither can rely on their defense to win. (However, the Pack do lead the league in interceptions, which helps their case.)

After seeing how Detroit stomped all over San Diego, everyone in the NFC should be scared. Here’s a team who has all the talent but not enough experience. How many times have we heard that before? They hit a lull in the middle of the season, but are red hot right now, which is perfect for them. I see them winning this week against the Packers, locking up that fifth spot, and laying out either Dallas or New York, whoever wins that division, in the 1st round of the playoffs. More than likely having a rematch vs. the Pack in Lambeau the following week.

Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s single season passing yards record on Monday Night Football at home. Good for fucking him. He’s such a selfless guy, such an emotional player for the right reasons, and I couldn’t think of a better QB to do it. If Brady would have done it (there is still is an outside chance he can pass Brees this week) I don’t think I would have felt the same compassion and happiness for him. He’s a winner no doubt, and I love the intensity he plays with on and off the field, but he’s kind of into himself a little too much. Brees winning that title is better on all angles.

So here’s my NFC playoff predictions:

Green Bay and San Francisco lock up a 1st round bye (SF will not lose to St. Louis this week).

New Orleans will get the third seed winning or losing by way of SF winning.

New York comes out on top of Dallas this week claiming the 4th seed.

Detroit beats GB to get the 5th seed and Atlanta gets stuck with the 6th seed.

Now to the AFC.

New England nabs home field with a win over Buffalo.

Pittsburgh gets the second seed with a win over Cleveland and Cincinnati upsets Baltimore.

Houston has locked up the 3rd seed no matter what happens.

Denver gets the fourth seed but not by winning! Oakland loses to San Diego, giving the division to Denver.

Baltimore loses and gets the fifth seed while the winner Cincinnati gets that final seed.

That’s how I think it’s gonna go down. Call me a fool, call me a prophet; I just want the playoffs to start!

As for the Pro Bowl selections… Yikes, did we screw up this year. Darren Sproles leads the league in all purpose yards, that’s doing EVERYTHING, and he doesn’t get in. I don’t even want to get into it, that’s why you don’t let the fans vote, they only know the big names, not who’s actually worthy.
And my Most Valuable Idiot award for the week goes to….

Mr. Rex Ryan. Shut your fucking mouth until you hoist that Lombardi Trophy over your head. And get a new Quarterback, your defense can’t keep up bailing him out.

– Jeff Paulick / Lazarus A.D.

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