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The fact that MetalSucks readers are awesome was proven nicely by the response to our March report on heavy rockers He Is Legend. At that point, little had been heard from the awesome North Carolina band since their euphoric third album It Hates You in 2009 and the anemic promotion cycle that followed; they were inactive and saying little. Fighting denial and dread, I phoned HiL manager Zach Neil to talk about the band’s status and about the misfortunes that lead to HiL’s horrifically lopsided ratio of success-to-radness.

Our talk ended on a note of optimism about HiL’s future, so I felt great. I felt super-great once I saw my devotion to HiL echoed up and down the comments section by frothing MS readership. I vaulted up to mega-great after arriving at the logic that, up against their passionate manager and their rabid fans and my big fat mouth, HiL couldn’t possibly stay dormant forever. So I then kinda checked my watch, started tapping my foot, and silently prepared to someday roll out the red carpet for HiL’s return to BonerTown.

Nine short months later, Christmas has come — literally and figuratively: He Is Legend is back in action and not one instant too soon! O, sweet bonerz of paradise! Here’s the deal:

On December 22, singer Schuylar Croom took to the internet to announce HiL’s surprise plans to release their fourth album in 2012. Since then, Croom and crew have announced at least a pair of shows, assembled for rehearsal, and fielded a million fan questions. (None of ours, though; MS interview requests have not been answered.)

As such, there’s a lot of discontinuous information to parse, but this much seems certain: At the moment, no label deal is in place and the band has made mention of the dreaded Kickstarter; they have yet to undertake writing sessions for new material (which clashes with an October rumor that drums were already being tracked in a NC recording studio); and band management has yet to respond to offers to headline an epic concert festival in my pants. (It’s called Crotchella and Refused has already confirmed.) More info soon!


Read the MetalSucks report on the past and future of He Is Legend here. Get It Hates You here for the price of a beer and two packs of gum.

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