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BTBAM Parallax 2

[UPDATE: The new release will be a full-length, not an EP. -Ed.]

Once the dust settled, the excitement of brand new music wore off and everyone had time to digest and evaluate Between the Buried and Me’s 2011 EP The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, what did you guys think of it? I know a couple of people who swear it’s one of their favorite BTBAM releases to date, but I never could sink my teeth into it the way I did with some of BTBAM’s past material. To me it felt kinda like stock BTBAM, Colors Part III, and didn’t really offer anything new in the way of artistic progression. Not that BTBAM will ever release something bad — taken in a vacuum, Hypersleep would’ve been great — it’s just that it never really tickled my funny bone and got me all excited, ya know?

I bring up Hypersleep because BTBAM are apparently now writing the second album in the Parallax series (I didn’t even know it was gonna be a series! sweet!).

On Saturday, the band posted via Facebook what looks to be a cell phone photo of a computer folder labeled “Parallax 2,” which would seem to indicate that recording may’ve even already begun. This is obviously good news for fans of BTBAM regardless of what you thought of the last EP because new BTBAM is still new BTBAM, and BTBAM are still one of the best and most influential prog metal bands on the planet. My guess would be to keep an eye out for the new EP sometime this summer.


[via Metal Insider]

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