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Out of all of the big summer package tours, Summer Slaughter has easily become our favorite; it’s so much fun every year that we’re even willing to forgive the to-be-expected presence of some bands we can’t stand (e.g., Oceano, As Blood Runs Black, etc.), because the rest of the line-up built around them is usually so fantastic that having a few built-in beer breaks isn’t the worst thing in the world (as opposed to some of SS’s competitors, where the beer-break-to-cool-band ratio makes the whole endeavor just not worth it). So, yeah, we’re on the edge of our seats to see who makes it onto the bill this year.

To that end, prog metal social network czar Alkahest of Heavy Blog has done it once again, today with some pretty juicy rumors about the lineup for Summer Slaughter 2012.

First, a little catch-up: on New Year’s Eve morning, the message “Hammer Smashed Mordecai” was posted on Summer Slaughter’s Facebook page, a not-so-subtle hint that Cannibal Corpse and Between the Buried and Me will be appearing on the 2012 bill. Those two bands alone would make the tour worth attending even if the rest of the lineup was dominated by scene bands, but fortunately it appears as if that won’t be an issue. Now today Heavy Blog is reporting an unconfirmed rumor that The Faceless, Job For A Cowboy, Veil of Maya, and Hate Eternal will all be a part of Summer Slaughter as well. Alkahest doesn’t name his source for these rumors so they should be taken with a grain a salt, but he’s usually right on the money so we’re inclined to believe there’s at least some merit there. For what it’s worth, the Summer Slaughter Facebook page did post about Hate Eternal (and, interestingly, Exhumed) back in October and Veil of Maya this past Friday.

Unfortunately, that’s all we got right now. If the rumors are true, the 2012 edition of Summer Slaughter is going to be one of the best lineups for the tour ever. Hopefully there’ll be official confirmation soon. It’s only January and SS usually doesn’t run until July/August, but we’d say it’s already time to get psyched. In the meantime, feel free to celebrate/denounce this rumor in the comments section, and to fantasize about what other bands you’d like to see on the bill. Personally, we’re keeping my fingers crossed for an Abacabb reunion!

– AR & VN

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