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Innerty - Tabula Rasa

Yow. Here we go.

  • Innerty: Proggy/jazzy death metal with an emphasis on groove and the bass guitar, mercifully free of blast beats and other death metal cliche. Think the heaviness and skronk of Dysrhythmia with the bass player from Intronaut or Cynic. These guys remind me a lot of my pick for best unsigned band of 2009, Carnal Rapture.

  • The Korea: Forgive the silly band name, the singer’s haircut and the crab bounces — these guys are Russian! But I have to admit this song is pretty catchy, despite the extremely high breakdown to song-length ratio. MS reader Jörn — who submitted this video — says the band does all their own visuals, which is especially impressive. Jörn also offers this nugget of wisdom: “Also, they’re looking for a label and since Ash Avildsen is one of your biggest fans and they would be a perfect fit for Sumerian this could be a win/win/win WINNING! “

  • Tetrafusion: There are tons of new prog metal bands out there today, that’s for sure, but whereas most are borrowing more from the heavier / death metally side of things (ala all the BTBAM clones), Tetrafusion draw a clear influence from their more melodic, chilled out brethren in bands like Porcupine Tree, 3, Cynic and even Tool. It won’t surprise you to learn that Jamie King produced the Horizons EP, currently streaming in full on Bandcamp, but this thing does sound fantastic.


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