Prog-Metal Fanatics Rejoice! Tetrafusion are Back From their Slumber with Dreaming of Sleep


Tetrafusion seemed very promising when they released Horizons five years ago, which makes sense considering the band features a couple ex-members of Scale the Summit (bassist Mark Michell and percussionist J.C. Bryant). And though I may have claimed that the prog-metal scene was getting a bit convoluted late last week, stuff like this comes around and makes me think there might just be hope yet.

I’m still in the process of listening to the entirety of the album, but so far the opening four tracks from Tetrafusion’s new album Dreaming of Sleep have been pretty damn good. Featuring a lot of the staples that fans of the genre have come to expect (quick tempo changes, complicated leads, playful riffs, etc.), there are a few bits where their music shines outside its own sphere of influence and manage to create driving moments that I really, really enjoyed. In short: it’s not boring me to death and I’m interested in actually finishing this record.

High praise indeed!

Check out the album stream below via Metal Injection. It’s worth it if you’re into this kinda stuff. If you’re not? Move along, nothing to see here.

Dreaming of Sleep is out on April 28th, and if you’re interested Scale the Summit have a new record out on May 19th as well. Nasty breakups aside, you can probably find it in your heart to support both bands. Come on, folks, be progressive!

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