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The Ocean - Grand Inquisitor EP

The Ocean - Grand Inquisitor EP

Speaking of prolific artistis, The Ocean just released two epic concept albums in the middle and end of 2010 and they’re already back at it. That might seem turtle-paced compared to Devin Townsend’s breakneck writing schedule, but one and a half years is as long as it usually takes Metallica to write three or four songs, Slayer to re-write about half an album’s worth of old songs, and Tool to write approximately one riff. How’s that for perspective?

Don’t get too excited, though: The Grand Inquisitor 10″ EP, which The Ocean announced via their official website, will actually only include one new song. But we’re sure that one song will be a doozy. The EP will collect all three “Grand Inquisitor” tracks from the Anthropocentric album onto one disc together with the previously unreleased chapter entitled “The Grand Inquisitor IV – Exclusion From Redemption.” The band promises that the new track will thematically complete the “Grand Inquisitor” series of songs, which you can read all about here.

These 10″ releases will be limited to a mere 302 copies through Ocean mastermind Robin Staps’ own Pelagic Records. There will be two completely different editions with artwork done by two separate artists, which you can read more about here. They were all silk-screened and numbered by hand. Don’t be a fool and let these sell out; make sure you pre-order yours right now well before the April release, ’cause they’re definitely gonna go fast.


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