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This week brings less than a ton of new metal, but it does mark the unveiling of a tasty upgrade to MetalSucks’ beloved Shit That Comes Out Today column. The new format makes it easy to preview tracks and peep cover art, but that’s not all: In the new STCOT, we boldly list a few similar projects (y’know, for context) and recklessly recommend which new records might deserve priority in your new record-buying plans (in case your budget doesn’t accomodate all the hot new shit). So, like it? Hate it? Check out this week’s shit then give us your input in the comments. 


The 11th Hour
Lacrima Mortis (Napalm)
On a playlist with: newer Dimmu Borgir, Warning, Paradise Lost
Listen Album teaser (here)

Ed Warby (Gorefest, Hail of Bullets) does all of the instruments on his side project, The 11th Hour, whose second album mixes slow, thick doom riffs with keyboards and Hardy’s clean vocals. The epic tracks maintain a dirty yet melodic feel, with death metal vocals by Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste).


Chimp Spanner
All the Roads Lead Here (Basick)
On a playlist with: Animals As Leaders, The Black Mages, Cynic
Listen “Dark Age Of Technology” (here)

Chimp Spanner is English virtuoso guitarist Paul Ortiz, whose day job is composing for games, commercials, TV, and radio. All Roads, his third CS release and first since 2009’s At The Dream’s Edge, is an excellent EP of controlled, melodic, and technical progressive metal.


Iron Fire
Voyage Of The Damned (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Primal Fear, Power Quest, Masterplan
Listen Album teaser (here)

Iron Fire has been one of Denmark’s premier power metal bands since their debut album, 2000’s Thunderstorm. The band continues to impress on Voyage Of The Damned via grandiose, epic, and hooky power metal. A lot of bands do this, but Iron Fire are definitely one of the best. This record is full of nothing but big choruses, powerful riffs and melody, and that’s exactly what a good power metal record is all about. MetalSucks Wallet Worthy


The Kandidate
Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death (Napalm)
On a playlist with: The Haunted, Disfear, Tragedy
Listen “Let The Maggots Have It” (here)

Denmark thrashers The Kandidate incorporate elements of death n’ roll into their sophomore release. Little about this record makes it great, just rocking rhythms at a decent speed, with vocals closer to hardcore than metal. Although I definitely get into its groove at points, Facing wears a little thin over the course of 11 tracks.


Coils Of Entropy
On a playlist with: Dropdead, Catheter, Total Fucking Destruction
Listen Stream Coils Of Entropy here.

This is just a killer death/grind album. You won’t find anything surprising here, but that’s not the point. The drums gallop at a maniacal pace, the guitars sound amazing and the vocals are gruff and dirty, just the way they should be for this record. And the solos, holy shit! Check this one out for sure. This is the Canadian (via Dubai) band’s first full-length.


The Inherited Repression (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Origin, Pestilence, Obscura
Listen “Carriers Of The Plague” (here)

Psycroptic are masters of death metal with insane amounts of technicality. Their fifth album shows more of the band members mastering their instruments and creating music that’s both brutal and appealing in its technicality. The band’s last album was 2008’s Ob(Servant). MetalSucks Wallet Worthy


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