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Before reading any further, please note well: the following is a rumor only, and MetalSucks has not been able to substantiate it.

A site called MetalTalk.net is saying that they “have just been informed by a reliable source that Sharon Osbourne has fired Bill Ward.” They’re also claiming that this same source informs them that Tommy Clufetos from Ozzy’s solo band will be Ward’s replacement on Black Sabbath’s forthcoming summer shows.

MetalTalk.net is new to us, so their unwillingness to name their source is a serious red flag; take this report with a giant, heaping spoonful of salt. My understanding of the situation, according to Ward himself, was that Ward wasn’t offered a fair contract — one that recognized him as a founding member of the band — so whether or not Sharon “fired” Ward seems like a moot point. Unless this mysterious MetalTalk.net informant means to insinuate that Sharon intentionally offered Ward such a horrible contract that he’d never accept, effectively “firing” him. This whole report is very strange.

While the game of “he said, she said” may never be substantiated, MetalTalk.net will have a chance to make good on their report if this bold prediction comes true: “MetalTalk.net understands that Bill’s replacement will be Tommy Clufetos from the Ozzy Osbourne band.” While Vinny Appice manned the kit during Black Sabbath’s 2004 and 2005 Ozzfest runs (and the “Heaven and Hell” reunion with Ronnie James Dio in 2008), Mike Bordin was Ward’s replacement when the band toured in 1997, so the idea of the drummer from Ozzy’s solo band playing in Sabbath isn’t that far-fetched.

There’s a Facebook petition that’s popped up called “1,000,000 Black Sabbath Fans Say ‘Yes’ to Bill Ward.” I signed it, because I really don’t like the way the other Sabbathers have treated Ward. Will you?

The big shame here is that this nonsense is overshadowing Tony Iommi’s recent diagnosis of Lymphoma. How’s that old bag doing? We’d really like to know.


Thanks: Patrick Neely

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