Unsigned and Unholy



Dave Hester likes Unsigned and Unholy. Don’t you?


Let’s check out some ripping new death metal from Plague Widow and Corpse Garden and some proggy goodness from Issachar after the jump.

  • Plague Widow: Here’s regular MetalSucks reader and band-suggestor Dan Wolfson: “Everything that is right with metal. Cry with tears of brutality. So deliciously good. Featuring Hal Rotter, ex guitarist of Slaughterbox (INSANE TECH DEATH). For fans of Portal, Wormed, Robinson, Origin, Insect Warfare, Malignancy, 1349, Discordance Axis, Rotten Sound, Circle of Dead Children.” Yep, that pretty much seems it up. Thanks, Dan!

  • Corpse Garden: With a name like Corpse Garden these guys practicallyk had it in the bag before I even pressed “play,” but thankfully these Costa Ricans know full well how to bring the pummeling death metal jams with just the right amount of melody. Corpse Garden are a little rough around the edges, but I actually kind of like that about them. Make sure you stick around until the guitar solo at the very end.
  • Issachar: These guys are similar to a lot of the “Between The Babies and Me” bands in that they combine prog metal and -core into one homogenous death-proggy stew, but there’s something raw and dirty about Issachar’s approach that sets them apart from the pack. They also go all Isis-post-rock-instrumental-break from time to time, which is a nice surprise.


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