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Incurso, the latest full-length from Sweden’s Spawn of Possession, may very well be THE tech-death album to beat in 2012. We know we’ve said this a million times, but we can’t emphasize it enough: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SONGS, DUMMY, not how many notes you can play in a millisecond. Spawn of Possession can, of course, do all sorts of unbelievably crazy shit with their instruments, but what makes Incurso so damned memorable is that it never dissolves into deedily-doo nonsense. This is tech-death done right, and has been a collective favorite at the MetalSucks Mansion ever since we got our promo copy.

Relapse will release the album this coming Tuesday, March 13, but MetalSucks is over the moon to be able to let you hear the entire thing right now. And once you’re as in love with it as we are, you can pre-order it right here. Enjoy!

[this streaming promotion has ended]

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