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Hey MetalSucks awesomes! It’s me, Anso DF, here to rock you through this week’s hard and heavy new releases in Shit That Comes Out Today Yesterday. Usual STCOT scribe Vic Vaughn will be back next week; he’s currently rebounding from a massive accidental dosing of LSD, PCP, DMT, MDMA, and MSG. Hey look that’s what happens when you play “Dare You To Drink This” at Maynard James Keenan’s house. Anyway …


Adrenaline Mob
Omertá (Elm City Music)
On a playlist with: Shinedown, Disturbed, Disshined, Downsturbed
Listen Omertá full stream (here)

If you walked into a room to find former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy hanging out with members of Disturbed and Symphony X, you’d be like what’s up  dudes, let’s party! And duh, you would be pumped when they started blasting their new record that’s mixed by awesome Jay Ruston and that features a Duran Duran cover with guest singer Lizzie Hale. But how long you could maintain a polite smile and not flee this macho buttrock disaster — that depends on your endurance. I’d be like, “Hey great guitar solo where the fuck is the men’s room?”


Cannibal Corpse
Torture (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Carcass, Brutal Truth, Immolation
Listen “Encased In Concrete” (here)

Cannibal Corpse, like Napalm Death and Gwar, crank out great records to the extent that for a fan, it’s kinda like sleeping with same woman for three decades: It’s good action, and you’ll take it, but you hope she’ll work up some new tricks to keep things hot. Cannibal Corpse gets that, so they started bringing a friend to bed (producer Erik Rutan) and wearing less (barer album covers). Now how about some anal?


Impending Doom
Baptized In Filth (E1 Entertainment)
On a playlist with: Suicide Silence, The Acacia Strain, In The Midst Of Lions
Listen “Murderer” (here)

Late last year, MetalSucks luminary Sergeant D. posted what amounts to a college course in “generic Christian breakdowncore” on his awesome Stuff You Will Hate site (here). About Riverside’s Impending Doom, he wrote that their early stuff rips most, but Jesus (lol) I don’t know how any ID jam could be awesomer than their new fourth album’s lead track “Murderer” (above). U ARE FUCKING MOSHING!


Lord Mantis
Pervertor (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Cobalt, Withered, Goatwhore
Listen Pervertor full stream (here)

The last words any non-bearded metal fan wants to encounter are “Chicago” combined with “blackened sludge metal.” But fuck, we’d love Lord Mantis’ awesome sophomore record even if it were described as “dick-eating bacteria” from “Uranus.” Believe that. You listen now.


In Somniphobia (Candlelight)
On a playist with: Cradle Of Filth, Nachtmystium, Darkthrone
Listen “Purgatorium” (here), “Far Beneath The In-Between” (here), “The Transfiguration Fear” (here)

It’s folly to talk about any band in terms of their home country, but for Sigh it’s appropriate in one sense: Japanese musicians are awesome at synthesis. Heedless of certain boundaries, dudes like Sigh frontman Mirai Kawashima don’t hesitate to seamlessly fold all sorts of weird shit (freak jazz, video game music, prog, opera, showtunes, a nerd-baiting muff-flashing sax player) into their baseline style (black metal). It makes a listener feel respected, not low-balled or underestimated. Like, if Kawashima can spin a grotesque post-modern yarn, then we can find a way to follow along. FYI drugz help.


Soulfly - EnslavedSoulfly
Enslaved (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: Machine Head, DevilDriver, other ex-nu metal acts
Listen “Gladiator” (here)

I skipped out of junior high one day to go peruse my local record store’s massive tape selection. I received a minor jolt to notice a Shelter album I didn’t have and hadn’t heard of: Seven Red Seven. The money flew out of my wallet and home I sprinted to jam my new shit. There I received a second and much less pleasant jolt to find that it wasn’t a Shelter album: the band was called Seven Red Seven, the album Shelter, and some staffer a negligent dingus for misfiling the damn shit. Anyway, I hope that doesn’t happen to some dumbshit kid with Soulfly’s new album, Enslaved.


Spawn of Possession - IncursoSpawn Of Possession
Incurso (Relapse)
On a playlist with: Abysmal Dawn, Psycroptic, The Faceless
Listen Exclusive MetalSucks Incurso full stream (here)

MetalSucks EIC/superstud Axl Rosenberg calls Spawn Of Possession’s third album “THE tech-death album to beat in 2012.” Likewise, I hereby call Axl’s wang THE ten-inch dong to beat in 2012. Thank you very much folks you’re a great crowd!



Astrohenge II (above, EyesOfSound)
Aura Noir Deep Tracts Of Hell reissue (Peaceville)
Barren Earth The Devil’s Resolve (MS review here, Peaceville)
Carousel Kings A Slice Of Heaven (CI)
Coldworker The Doomsayer’s Call (Listenable)
Darkthrone Sempiternal PastThe Darkthrone Demos (Peaceville)
Dead End Path Blind Faith (Triple B)
Epica Requiem For The Indifferent (Nuclear Blast)
I See Stars Digital Renegade (Sumerian)
Labyrinthe The Depths Of Hell (Tribunal)
Melvins The Bulls And The Bees EP (Scion A/V)
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes (Season Of Mist)
Mychildren Mybride Mychildren Mybride (Solid State)
Primitive Weapons The Shadow Gallery (Prosthetic)
One Year Later The Sound Of A Broken World (CI)
Ribspreader The Kult Of The Pneumatic Killrod (And A Collection Of Ribs) (Vic)
Stahlman Quecksilber (AFM)
Various Welcome To The Nightmare – An All-Star Tribute To Alice Cooper (Cleopatra)
Whirr Pipe Dreams (Tee Pee)
Wino/Conny Ochs Heavy Kingdom (Exile On Mainstream)
Wizard Rifle Speak Loud Say Nothing (MS review here, Seventh Rule)
Xerxes Our Home Is A Deathbed (No Sleep)


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