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Before there were blogs there were these things called magazines, and the only metal magazine we still get excited about reading every month is DecibelHere’s managing editor Andrew Bonazelli…

Most mags that put multiple band members on the cover have to do extensive Photoshopping to avoid coming off like something composed by a five-year-old. We at Decibel like to do things the hard way (hey now), so we insisted that (clockwise from top) In Solitude’s Pelle Åhman, Behemoth’s Nergal, the Devil’s Blood’s F., and Watain’s Erik Danielsson appear in the same place for their cover shoot. Sure, they’re all Europeans, and Åhman and Danielsson are actually countrymen, but that’s one big-ass continent. Anyway, it went down in Sweden just before New Year’s, and their combined presence before a lens did not cause a black hole to spontaneously erupt and swallow the studio space, so that bodes well for your survival on the inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour (don’t worry about selective purchasing; we’ll be done well before the big Barenaked Ladies/Blues Traveler/Big Head Todd and the Monster/Cracker summer skull-rape).

J. Bennett handles the cover story, which makes sense given that 1) he does like 80 percent of them, and 2) his band Ides of Gemini are one of eight regional acts we hand-selected to open the nationwide black mass. Past and future dB cover scribe Chris Dick elaborates on the future star openers, and as you know, subscribers will have first dibs on the sweet In Solitude flexi (covering Samhain). In other words, the May issue pretty much doubles as a tour program; you can even use it to blot off the bloodstains.


The May 2012 issue of Decibel, which also contains a Megadeth/Rust in Peace hall of fame, a Baroness studio report, and an awesome In Solitude flexi disc, can be ordered hereBut why not just get a full subscription to ensure that you never miss an issue?


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