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<EM>DTV</EM>: LOVERS OF ACTION MOVIES AND GREAT MUSIC SHOULD FLOCK TO <EM>DECIBEL</EM> EDITOR ANDREW BONAZELLI’S NEW BOOK” width=”500″ height=”442″ srcset=”×442.jpg 500w,×265.jpg 300w, 900w” sizes=”(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px” /></a>
<p>MetalSucks readers know Andrew Bonazelli (hopefully) for writing <em><a href=Decibel Magazine’s “Fear, Emptiness, Decibel” column for us every week. But the dude is also a novelist and aficionado of ridiculous action schlock — when I attended a reading for his book A Regular in 2010 (my interview with the man himself on that great literary tome here), he opened by reading a passage from the novelization of Robocop,which means that at some point he a) purchased the novelization of Robocop and b) made sure not to lose his copy of the novelization of Robocop. That’s the kind of dude I wanna hang out with.

So. Given Bonazelli’s love of such things, it’s not at all surprising that his new novel, DTV (that means “direct to video,” for those of you born in the post-VHS era), follows the adventures of a pair of washed-up action stars. I have a copy that I’m gonna make time to read later this week, but I can already feel in my soul that the book is gonna be great, and you should already be itchin’ to get your own copy, for the following reasons:

  • Bonazelli’s aforementioned mad ritein’ skillz
  • Bonazelli’s aforementioned knowledge of action movie minutiae
  • The packaging — I mean, just look at the photo above. Holy CRAP, that is awesome.
  • The soundtrack which comes with the book. It features a ton of amazing bands, including The Atlas Moth, Total Fucking Destruction, Graf Orlock, The Austerity Program, members of Zombi and Early Graves, and my pick for 2012’s  artist that will fuck your face off, Stomach Earth, all performing original works inspired by the book, OR covers of the scores to such classic action flicks as The Running Man, Out for Justice, Double Impact, and, of course, Robocop.

And right about now you should be asking yourself “How do I get all this amazing stuff?” And the answer is, you go here and order it — it will run you all of fifteen bucks, which is ridiculously cheap considering what you’re getting.

But if for some reason you’re still not sold, you can also go over to Decibel‘s web site, where they’re hosting both a trailer for the book and a new interview with Bonazelli.

And I’ll be back to talk about the book s’more once I’ve actually found time to read the damn thing.


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