I’m gonna put about as much effort into this introduction as Matt Pike puts into shirt selection.

We begin today with Skeletonwitch’s video for “The Infernal Resurrection,” which originally premiered on Metal Injection. It’s just a performance video and, truth be told, not an especially memorable performance video. But the album on which this song appears, Forever Abomination, was one of my favorite releases last year, so I’m putting it above the fold. If you don’t like, send complaints to

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We continue with Goatwhore’s latest clip, “When Steel and Bone Meet,” which reunites the band with director David Brodsky, and originally debuted on Bloody Disgusting. All you really need to know about this video is that it’s NSFW due to two lesbians making out/rubbing against one another while covered in blood. So, y’know… wait ’til you get home to watch it, and then let the fapping begin!!! It’s not embeddable but you can watch it here.

And we conclude today with Emmure’s new video, “Protoman.” In the video, the band performs their new single in an arcade (or at least surrounded by arcade games), I guess in case anyone the fact that the song is about Mega Man was lost any of their fans. In any case, it’s really the perfect visual representation of Emmure — it’s incredibly simple, and yet there’s a lot of unnecessary effects and flares and other such bullshit that makes it really difficult to watch or digest. Because some people will always mistake sensation for substance, and those people inevitably liked the Transformers movies.


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