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Dawnbringer(this black vest was brought to you by Dawnbringer)

People often ask me what I listen to when I’m not listening to metal. The answer is usually nothing, maybe old-school dub, or sometimes pop singer-writers like Michelle Branch and Sara Bareilles (srs). But lately I’ve been digging the old-school conscious hip-hop vibes of Iron Solomon’s new album Monster. The beats are fresh, the choruses catchy, the rhymes expertly crafted, and the end section of Track 3 accurately describes my high school life… this record is so, so good!

Now that I’ve copped to enjoying Michelle Branch, feel free to take the following brand new metal recommendations with a heaping spoonful of salt.

Sludgy, prog-doomers Bereft, whose track “The Coldest Orchestra” we premiered last month, have released another new track called “Ethereal Dispersal” through Noisecreep. If you haven’t given any songs from their new album Leichenhaus a shot yet, you are depriving yourself of some seriously thunderous and seriously serious metal. Leichenhaus comes out April 24 via The End Records and can be pre-ordered right here.

Sick vests, brah! Vest Metal stalwarts Dawnbringer have a new record called Into the Lair of the Sun God coming out on May 29 via Profound Lore, their fifth, and they’ve premiered a new track from that album called “III” over at Pitchfork. This is Vest Metal done right, IMO; it doesn’t bog itself down with intentionally crappy production, the Maiden and Judas Priest influence are right out front, there are plenty of sweet guitarmonies and a killer solo, and it makes no bones about being all “Yo, my shit is catchy as fuck, deal with it!” Definitely excited to hear this album.

When it comes to modern rock radio I’m completely oblivious, so I can honestly say I’ve never heard of Cavo before. But I like what I’m hearing of their new album Thick as Thieves, now streaming at AOL Music (still a thing). These guys are less Theory of a Deadsuck, Suckd or Nickelsuck and more in the vein of… um… something a lot better… I’m getting some serious Big Wreck / Thornley vibes, actually. The singer’s got a great voice.

Now back to my steady diet of NYC hip-hop and cheesy female pop.


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