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When you’re scraping coins from the pool of dried soda in your car and filching fives from your mom’s purse, it’s justifiable: You’re a new music zombie, forever dragging your limbs near and far in search of the freshest, br00talist new jamz. This week’s Shit That Comes Out Today shall slake your thirst for hot metal blood — Castle, Wild Hunt, Litrosis, Skyharbor and other new classics guarantee that — but you can also exhume yesterday’s corpses, classics returned from the abyss (Peasant, Electrocution) or gussied up with some cologne and bandages (Thin Lizzy, Mekong Delta). Crack open some skulls and feast! Um figuratively of course!


Blacklands (Van)
On a playlist with: Christian Mistress, old Venom, Grand Magus
Listen “Blacklands” (here)

Castle’s sweet rock ‘n roll riffage approaches doom territory with its heaviness. There’s a sinister edge to their jams, and a riveting momentum throughout Blacklands. Though your ear may make justifiable comparisons to Oregon’s Christian Mistress, Castle is good enough — and distinct enough — to please it.


Southwest Doom Violence (Selfmadegod)
On a playlist with: Roskopp, Spoonful Of Vicodin, Repulsion
Listen Southwest Doom Violence full stream (here)

Catheter last record was 2005’s Dimension 303, so Southwest Doom Violence is a long-awaited slab of crusty grind madness. Catheter isn’t out to change the game of grindcore, they play fast as shit and rocking guitar-driven tunes. The Denver gang shows a few more hints of melody than you would expect, but only subtly and amid the band’s fast, aggressive style.


I Am Death (Pitch Black)
On a playlist with: Putrid Pile, Sigh, Dark Tranquillity
Listen “I Am Death” (here)

These Greek ragers bring together so many awesome elements together that it’s ridiculous: punishing death metal, black metal fury, grindcore pace, and clean, extremely technical keyboard work. There’s a splash of melody to bind it all, and as a result, I Am Death is an amazing achievement. Awesome.


Mystics Of The Pillar II EP (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Narjahanam, Sand Aura, Amon Amarth
Listen Mystics Of The Pillar II samples (here)

During the recording of 2010’s Epigenesis, Melechesh finished two versions of album centerpiece “Mystics Of The Pillar.” This digital-only release bears the second version alongside two instrumental versions of The Epigenesis tracks. So this little release is a counterpart to that album, not so much a standalone, but for old fans it’s an epilogue and for new fans a teaser. Great idea!


Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos (Basick)
On a playlist with: Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Textures
Listen Blinding White Noise: Illusion And Chaos full stream (here)

Skyharbor mainman Keshav Dhar is a leader of India’s emerging progressive metal. Blinding White Noise evenly portions progressive metal’s clean melodies and djent’s technicality and style. The two-disc debut features guest guitars from Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) and vocals from Daniel Tompkins (ex-Tessaract).


Wild Hunt
Before The Plane of Angles (Kemado)
On a playlist with: Ludicra, Deafheaven, Opeth
Listen “Window To The Nether” (here)

Wild Hunt mixes the symphonic, technical prog metal with the heavy guitar work and gruff vocals of death metal. Epic in scope, Before The Plane Of Angles’ long tracks allow the band to change direction at will without losing a listener. This is Wild Hunt’s debut record, even though they formed back in 2004. Sometimes, you just have to wait to get it perfect.



Agruss Morok (Code666)
Aquilus Griseus (A Sad Sad Song)
Buffalo Theory MTL Heavy Ride (Galy)
Diseim Holy Wrath (right, Abyss)
Electrocution Inside the Unreal 20th anniversary reissue (Goregorecords)
Eternal Deformity The Beauty Of Chaos (Code 666)
Eternal Helcaraxe Against All Odds (Abyss)
The Followthrough The Letter Kills (Crimson Sky)
Gods Of Chaos March Into Perdition (The Path Less Traveled)
Holy Moses 30th Anniversary: In The Power Of Now (SPV)
Hurt The Crux (Carved)
Marilyn Manson Born Villain (Cooking Vinyl)
Mekong Delta Intersections (SPV)
Teramaze Anhedonia (Nightmare)
Theatres Des Vampires Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 DVD/CD (Dreamcell11)
Thin Lizzy Fighting deluxe (left, UMe)
Thin Lizzy Nightlife deluxe (UMe)
Thou Peasant reissue (Gilead)
Usurpress In Permanent Twilight (Selfmadegod)
When Tigers Fight – Death Songs (MetalSucks full stream (here), Closed Casket)


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