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The new Chelsea Grin song is fucking terrible.

Sorry. Maybe I should have warned you to have a seat first.

Here are just a few of the reasons I want to tie this song naked to the back of a horse and drag it through the streets:

  • Awful black-pop-metal female vocals (first forty-five seconds)
  • Riff I am almost positive I have already heard in a “new” song at least fourteen other times this year so far alone (:50)
  • Everything about the lyrics and vocal performance from 1:16 – 1:35
  • Vocoder (1:36)

Honestly, that’s when I stopped listening. I was slicing a bagel at the time and I was afraid that if I kept going I’d give in to the uncontrollable urge to Van Gough myself.

So that was called “Lillith” and it will be on an EP called Evolve that comes out June 19 on Artery, and look at how I was nice enough to type all of that out despite the fact that I hate the music. That’s my good deed for the quarter. I can now go back to being an asshole again until July.


[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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