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The same way that Wes Borland is supposedly the “cool” member of Limp Bizkit (hey, he likes The Human Abstract!), lots of people say that Mark Tremonti, best known for his work with, um… Creed… is actually a ridiculously good guitar player way better and headier than his work with the aforementioned would suggest. I haven’t listened to a whole lot of Alter Bridge, but from what I have heard I can confidently say they’re way better than Creed, for reasons extending beyond the simple absence of Scott Stapp’s yarl. Now Tremonti is back with his own solo project, “Tremonti,” so with him completely in the driver’s seat I suppose we’ll get the most unfiltered, pure version possible of Tremonti’s vision and we we can best judge whether the dude is legit or not.

Judging from Tremonti’s first single “You Waste Your Time,” the results are mixed. The track starts off with a ridiculously heavy (for a guy in Creed, anyway) galloping thrash riff that easily could be from the new Exodus album or whatever. After that, the track becomes more of what you’d expect; slightly heavier than average radio rock with a sub-par chorus that the majority of MetalSucks readers aren’t gonna dig. But the solo starting at 2:30 rips. And shit, anything’s better than Creed. I can’t give this track a hearty endorsement, but it gets a “pass” from me.


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