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That’s right, buttmunches! You heard it here first at MetalSucks, the Mercedes of metal websites; OG metalcore pioneers Bloodjinn have reunited!

I reunited with an ex-girlfriend one time. I just couldn’t resist the pull of that sweet, sweet ass. It kept drawing me back in, like a homing beacon. I loved getting wild on that thing.

Bloodjinn are kinda like that ass; I just can’t resist coming back for more. I was listening to 2007’s This Machine Runs on Empty, their final album, just the other day and I was wondering if these cats were ever gonna do anything together again. Man, that album is phat! Bloodjinn did so much hard work in the early, early days of the original metalcore scene and never got any of the credit for it.

The reunion will come as a one-off on Saturday, September 29th at Greene Street, in the band’s hometown of Greensboro, NC. Read it all about at the Facebook event page.

I’m not sure who all will be playing in the reunion, but my guess would be the five dudes listed as active members on the Bloodjinn Wiki (we’d got an email in to vocalist Joel Collins about it). At one point some of these guys went off to form Zero System (which later became Vanisher), but these days I don’t even think any Bloodjinn members remain in that band.

You heard it here first.


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