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The first thing you’ll notice about the new Vanisher song “Reaction” (other than the typically sick riffs) is that where there once would’ve been screamed vocals, there are no more. That’s because ex-Glass Casket vocalist Adam Cody, who is currently out on the road fronting Wretched, has officially left the band and the remaining members (plus a new bassist and drummer) have decided to continue on… (drumroll)… as a clean singing-only outfit.

Where most metalheads would throw their hand up in the air and wave this new direction away with a resounding “phooey,” I raise my fist and say “bravo.” The decision to go all-clean is the final step in a natural evolution that’s been coming ever since a couple of ex-Bloodjinn members decided to form Zero System a couple of years ago. Zero System were kinda like Bloodjinn Jr. (in a good way) in that their sound closely resembled the former but made an obvious attempt at something more catchy — and dare I say more mainstream — with clean-sung choruses. As the band’s sound morphed and continued in that direction, they changed their name to Vanisher. So it feels right that the band finally made the decision to ditch cliched growls altogether because it’s where they’ve been headed this whole time. Since Vanisher are excellent songwriters, I don’t really see this is as a problem… they’ve got the goods to back it up. And I’ve always been a fan of Justin Reich’s entirely unique clean-sung voice.

Check out the new song “Reaction” at the band’s official website. It is 110% guaranteed to get stuck in your head instantly.


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