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French label Listenable Records has a history of signing interesting, left-of-center metal acts from all over the world, many before they blew up on the international scene. Gojira, Textures, Ulcerate, Gorod, Hacride and The Amenta are just a few that’ve called Listenable home at one time or another.

With that in mind, I ask of you today, O Vaunted MetalSucks Reader, to check out “Strombus,” a new track by the Spanish outfit Moonloop. Like so many acts on Listenable’s roster, their brand of metal isn’t easily pigeonholed into any sub-genre; there are elements of Morbid Angel-esque elephants marching, trace hints of tech-death, prog rock, melodeath and post-metal. It’s quite the bag of tricks, but it works; this is some good shit.

Deeply From the Earth came out May 28th in Europe, so it’s available worldwide now… although if you live in North America and want a physical copy you’ll need to wait until July 3rd.


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