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I know exactly two things about Pinterest: 1) It’s a social network based around shopping, 2) like 70% of its users are female.

Prosthetic Records’ target demographic, this is not. But that hasn’t stopped the label from signing up for a Pinterest account (at the behest of a female staff member, I’d surmise?). And hey, why not? May as well try it out; I’m definitely feeling the buzz about Pinterest, albeit primarily when there’s a siqq deal on a hott new floral print dress and not a Book of Black Earth vinyl.

I don’t know enough about Pinterest to really understand what the hell is going on, but someone has clearly put a lot of effort into Prosthetic’s account: of nearly 200 “pins,” there’s a bunch of useless stuff available other places too like photos of bands, Prosthetic’s office and other miscellany, but they’ve also got 111 of their releases listed for sale (linking to their webstore).

So yeah, I’m not really sure what the point of this is, but kudos to Prosthetic for trying something new! If a few people end up buying stuff from a Pinterest referral I guess it’s worth it. And to think, the label that refuses to partake in Spotify is willing to take a gamble on a site frequented primarily by 24-54 year-old women with children. Huh.


Thanks: Andy O)))

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