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Every human being with working ears hated the recent re-recordings that Def Leppard did of their anthems “Rock of Ages” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” for the smash box office hit, Rock of Ages. So every human being with working ears will be happy to learn that the band is going to produce inferior versions of other old songs we all love, too. Joe Elliott tells Viacom for Children:

“It was, well, let’s just say a sensible business decision on our part. How can I put this politely? We were having a major disagreement with our ex-record label about the digital rights for our back catalog. We couldn’t come to a mutual understanding that seemed fair for both sides. So we finally just decided to re-record all our hits. We started with “Sugar” and “Rock of Ages,” and I think we did a pretty good job. It’s hard work trying to recreate something you did 30 years ago.”

Elliott goes on to say that the band attempted to create “a 100% forgery” (I think he meant to say “a 100% ACCURATE forgery,” but I’ll let it slide) that has ” the same sounds, the same key, the same tempo” as the original. Which is all well and good in theory, except that the band has failed so far, so I don’t know why anyone would be optimistic about “Let’s Get Rocked 2012” or whatever. I mean, Elliott can’t hit the notes in “Bringing on the Heartbreak anymore,” so like what are we really talking about here?

And I know I should be sympathetic to the plight of the artist, especially because digital revenue is the future (and really the present!) of the business, and I imagine there’s a lot of money to be made from the sales of Def Leppard’s massive collection of karaoke-worthy hits. But the artist in this case has squillions of dollars. Also, unfortunately, we all did stupid things when we were young, and we just have to live with them. Signed a shit deal when you were young? Tough. I mean it’s not as though Rick Allen can just grow his arm back, y’know?


[via Classic Rock]

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