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ALEXI LAIHO IS GONNA BE OK… WE THINK?Children of Bodom wild child Alexi Laiho was hospitalized in Norway last week with “extreme stomach pains” and a “serious infection.” That was over a week ago, and we’ve still got no idea what’s wrong with him. CoB and their people have been suspiciously coy about the whole ordeal, which strikes me as a bad sign. If Laiho had some kind of fairly common condition — say, apendicitis, or severe gas — why not just say so? Their silence makes it seem as if something very serious is up.

At least for now, we’ve got some good news: Alexi is getting ready to leave the hospital (and might even already be out by now). The band posted a short message on their Facebook page yesterday morning [via The PRP]:

We are happy to announce that Alexi will be leaving the hospital in Oslo tomorrow on Thursday, and are also glad to confirm that the band will be able to play Ilosaarirock Festival on Sunday. The Hate Crew is rolling again ! More infos shortly…”

Janne, Jaska, Henkka and Roope

So… that’s good… but… why is there still no explanation for what landed him in the hospital in the first place? Is it something really embarrassing like testicular torsion or is it something chronic and life-threatening like liver disease? We want answers. In any case, we’d wager that it’d probably be a good idea for Alexi to cut back a bit on his vodka intake.


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