Last month, Tommy Lee posted this whole rant on Facebook about how he doesn’t wanna take pictures with his fans, and, understandably, a lot of people — like me! — felt that this sentiment was stupid.

Do we now owe Tommy Lee an apology? He recently explained the impetus for his outburst to Fuse, and, well, it almost — gasp! — makes sense:

“My mother passed away and I was picking up her aches to take them home to do a service.

“I’m at the mortuary. I’ve got my mom’s ashes in my right hand, and my girlfriend, I’m holding her hand with my left hand. We’re walking out and the fucking receptionist goes, ‘Oh my God, can I take a picture with you?’

“I looked at her and went, ‘I’m sorry, but I’d rather not.’ She was like, ‘Are you sure?’

“I’m fucking standing there with my mom’s ashes and it’s not the happiest day on the planet for me. I couldn’t believe it. I go, ‘Okay, that’s officially the most fucked-up thing that’s ever happened to me.’

“I sat in the car and I’m shaking. My girlfriend goes, ‘I’m sorry, honey,’ and I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t believe a human being just did that.”

Few things suck worse than losing a parent. So I don’t mean to be insensitive. But three quick points I need to make here:

  1. Tommy Lee’s mother passed away in March. He posted his rant in June. Why the three month disconnect?
  2. Refusing to take photos with any fans ever because of this experience is reductive. Assuming all of your fans are this insensitive is like assuming that all drummers are wigger douchebags just because the drummer from Rock Star Supernova is a wigger douchebag. If you’re just, like, spinning at some club or something and some fan wants to take a photo with you, you should totally take two minutes out of your evening and pose for that photo.
  3. According to The Dirt, you have almost married a woman who looks like a moose because of her ability to squirt,  have held a competition with Nikki Sixx to see who could stop showering the longest and still get laid, have made another woman give you a blowjob in front of all of your friends and then give those friends blowjobs, and have made yet another woman call her mother from a phone which was partially inserted into her own vagina. And this was the most fucked-up thing that’s ever happened to you?

And in closing, I’d just like to add that if the receptionist had been hot, I bet Tommy would have posed for the photo.


[via Classic Rock]

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