MetalSucks reader Adam M. and his co-worker and friend-in-metal “Dre” are the latest entrants in our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks contest. For sending in photos of themselves donning official MetalSucks merch, they were rewarded handsomely (for handsome gentlemen!) with a big ol’ box of metal goodies. Here’s Adam himself with a description of his and Dre’s latest shenanigan at the office:

Here at our place of employ, we have a little thing called the “Wall of Same”, for when people unwittingly wear the same outfits on the same day. We take a picture of them and put it up for all to see their unoriginal choice of attire. We decided to crash the party and introduce a little evil into it.

And so was hatched the plan. So we have for you today a few photos of us sucking up the place. One with the next generation of metal (the boss’s son), one with us being contemplative metalheads and then me doing some solo work (including paying homage to the right honorable Jens Kidman).

Nicely done, fellas. More pics after the jump:

And here are some pictures of the subsequent MetalSucks care package unboxing a few weeks later:

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