FINALLY. We don’t have a photo of Randy Blythe leaving jail, but I’m sure the above expresses how he felt!

After more than a month in a Prague prison, Randy Blythe has been released on bail, according to this Czech news site. By the time you read this, he will very likely be back in the United States.

You probably remember that Blythe had already paid bail — twice (after the amount was doubled) — and was never formally charged. Prosecutors continuously sought to block his bail, fearing he would be a flight risk. But following a sixteen-hour (!!!) closed  court session yesterday, Blythe was finally allowed to leave jail — with no conditions for his release other than the payment of bail, which, y’know, we’ve established already occurred.

Here’s an alleged photo of Blythe at the airport getting ready to board a flight back to the U.S., although there’s a bunch of stuff about the pic that doesn’t make any sense to me (He was alone? Carrying his dry cleaning?):

Blythe isn’t quite out of the woods yet: the vocalist will have to return to the Czech Republic at an unspecified date to face trial. But for now, I’m sure we’re all relieved that he’s back home with his loved ones and access to something besides knedlikies to eat.

No word on whether or not this means Terror will play the Czech Republic after all, but the world waits with baited breath for their decision.


Thanks: Watchdog

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